Student Projects/ Albums



6th 7th 8th

Period 1 & 3 6th & 7th Grade CMA Photography CA3 12/18


Many Me

Many Me 7th Grade CA3 2018-19

Many me 2017-18

Many Me 7th Grade 2018-19

FX Blending Overlay Project


FX/ Blending Overlay Project2018-19




CMA Lego and Miniature Photography 2017-18 


CMA Lego 17-18 

Clip Art

7th Grade Clip Art CA2 2018-19


Period 2 CA 2 Clip Art 7th Grade 2018-19


Photo Voice HPPD/The Art Center

Photovoice Album 1 2018-19


PhotoVoice Album 2 2018-19

Then and Now

Then and Now 6th Grade 2018-19

Andy Warhol Project

Paul Fuentes Style

Digital Portraits 


Digital Portrait Period 8 CA2 2018-19

Period 9 8th Grade Digital Drawing CA2 2018-19



CMA Photography Q1 2018-19 all grades

Transfer Project through the Years



CLIP ART- 8th Grade (Discontinued)

PERIOD 8 8th GRade CLIP ART CA2 2018-19

Period 9 CA2 Clip Art Project 8th Grade 2018-19


Stamping Project 2017-18



OLD ELM PLACE PHOTOS Curated Elm Place Photos March 2018 OLD HIGHLAND PARK PHOTOS Reel 112 Film Fest Apr. 20, 2016