Transfer Project on Canvas

Here is a twist with the Transfer Project.

Infuse DIGITAL ART (PHOTOSHOP) with canvas art.


Supplies Needed:

  • A small cardboard box (like a jewelry box or phone box and kept both sides.
  • or just a piece of cardboard (you can have your teacher cut the side of a box)Elmers Glue
  • Container for glue/water mix
  • paint brush
  • construction paper (optional)


  1. Cover one side in masking tape. This makes the cardboard stronger.


2. Go to photoshop and find your picture. Follow the TRANSFER PROJECT DIRECTIONS to make it high contrast


3. Print (scale it to size you want). I did mine at 30%



4. Cut it out so it is the same size as your “canvas”.


5.Paint it, use color pencils, crayons, water color, anything you want.

When dry, glue it onto cardboard/box (if you paint the box with paint, just stick paper on, it will stick and later you will “mod podge” over it. No need to use paint and glue. One or the other


6.Mix half Elmers glue and half water to make “mod podge”


7.For texture, rip up some construction paper into tiny pieces. You could also use newspaper, old book pages or ANYTHING!

8.With a brush Mod podge  over it.


FOR IDEAS ON THIS TOPIC, Google Mixed Media Canvas


*****If you would like a “GLOSSY” finish,

purchase some Mod Podge Gloss-Lustre Finish

and paint OVER the canvas with the mod podge

Glossy will look great with this!


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