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Be One With Your Art

Green Screen yourself into your artwork!


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THE CHALLENGE: Use Adobe Flash to draw and an animated cartoon frame by frame like the pros do! Think of this project as creating a digital flip book.

  • Watch this tutorial on creating a basic animation: ADOBE FLASH TUTORIAL
    • Alternate or additional tutorial (11 min): Tutorial #2
  • Check this animation out about a animator’s career getting started.
  • A Career in Animation Begins…

  • Using Adobe Flash CS6 and a drawing tablet, begin drawing you animation. This is much like creating a digital flip book. Draw a character and scene one frame at a time. The nice thing about creating a digital animation is that you can copy much of a drawing from one frame to the next.
  • When you’re done export your animation as a movie by going to ‘file-> Export->Export Movie’. When completed, you’ll have a movie file to share and for all to enjoy!
From Alan Becker (Professional)

Animator vs. Animation

Student Example:


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