Highlight Reel


THE CHALLENGE: Become a SportsCenter anchor for ESPN or create your own highlight reel for your favorite players and sports. Add matching music & contribute your own comments and titles to make it even more fun to watch!

2015 Cubs Highlight Reel (Brandon and Eli)

Cubs 2016 Hype Video

Brian Scalabrine Highlights

March 2016 NBA Highlights

  • Do the research and find the highlights you want to use for your video. Youtube is a good place to find these clips.
  • Copy the url from Youtube and paste it into the Youtube to MP4 converter. This will convert your clip into a format that you can import into iMovie and then edit.
  • Drag your MP4 files into iMovie or import them. Edit the clips to what you would like them to be.
  • Add voiceovers, music titles, transitions, slow motion fx, video fx and anything else you can to enhance the visual appeal of your highlight reel. Try to match the songs to the visuals so that it makes a bigger impact!
  • Export your video as an .mov or MP4 when you’re completed. For instructions on how to do that click HERE.
Helpful Resources:

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