Celebrity Interview

Celebrity Interview

THE CHALLENGE: What is Adele’s favorite way to eat ice cream? What is Zac Efron’s favorite jungle animal? Conduct a fake interview with a celebrity or even a group of celebrities by editing video clips of real interviews to have them answer your crazy & wacky queries!

  • Research clips from Youtube or other video resources to find a celebrity saying different things that you could use in an interview with them
  • Once you have found the clips you want, use youtubeinmp4.com to convert the video into a mp4 file that you can import into iMovie
  • Come up with questions that you can ask that would make the fake interview with this celebrity entertaining
  • Film yourself asking the questions. You could use the green screen so that you can import an appropriate background to enhance the interview setting.
  • Import the video of your questions into iMovie
  • Edit the clips of both your video and the clips of the celebrity so that it appears as though you are asking your questions and they are responding.
  • Export your video as a .mov file so that we can all enjoy your work!

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