DJ Mashup


DJ Mashup

THE CHALLENGE: Create your own mashup using your favorite songs or by blending styles of songs together to become one. Layer tracks, use effects, beat per minute, volume, and other techniques to create your own mixes! Take it to the next level and create a video mashup to go along with your audio mashup.
  • You can choose to use either GarageBand or Audacity, both sound editors, to create your mashup. GarageBand has more capabilities and is more common but Audacity is a little easier to work with and works better for beginners doing simple mashups.
  • Determine the theme of your mashup. Are you going to use song favorites? Blend Orchestra with Hip-Hop? Take us on a journey through the decades?
  • Find the songs you’d like to use on Youtube and use Youtube to mp3 converter to convert them into mp3 files that you can edit. Do this by copying and pasting the Youtube url into the Youtube to mp3 converter.
  • Press ‘convert video’
  • Then click ‘download’
  • The mp3 file will download and is now a file that you can drag right into GarageBand or Audacity.
  • When you are all done with your song, you need to export it as an MP3 so you can share it with others. Instructions on how to export from GarageBand can be found by clicking HERE. Instructions on how to export from Audacity can be found by clicking HERE.
Video Mashups:

Christmas Mashup (Student Example)

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