Week 3 A Roll & Stanza 2



Mrs. Kulbak will show Edgewood Examples of Mock Interview from EW

  1. Select one person in group to INTERVIEW (1-2 minute interview)
  1. Develop 4 questions to ask

(not yes/no questions, but open ended)

Listen carefully. Maybe their response will elicit a new question. If you are being interviewed, elaborate on the question.

Edit out the question itself.


2. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



RECORD their answers but no need to record your questions.

Collect B Roll that goes with the answers. If student is talking about being on the phone, film them on the phone. While someone TALKING about art, SHOW them drawing in the background.

You can use B Roll footage from last week if it goes with the interview or make new B Roll footage or both.

– Lighting

– Having headroom but not too much

-Rule of 3rds

– No distracting background

– Be respectful. If someone is sharing a bullying story, focus on person.





Film Stanza 2


Edit in final cut

20 or 40 seconds

Export /Share

Upload to CMA folder

Watch Vivian Maier (14:28)  and Father Wanted with a Piggy Nose (16) (if time)




  • -Stanza must be composed of 1,3, 5, or 7  different shots of any length 

  • –TOTAL length of  stanza 1 must be 20 seconds or 40 seconds exactly.

  • -You must add  a soundtrack


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