Week 2


Types of Shots

Visual Storytelling

 What is a B Roll?

The B Roll is everything BUT the interview. In Moe’s Bows

B Roll is:

The shot of Mom in the kitchen

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.59.51 PMThe shot of Moe and his GrandmaScreen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.57.07 PM

Moe riding his bike to the Post Office

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.59.17 PM

These scenes TELL the story visually but are NOT part of the INTERVIEW

The B Roll tells visually who Moe is.

 What is an A Roll?

Is the actual interview. Where the questions and answers are being done.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 9.57.19 PM

Interview Styles

Sit Down Interview

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.08.47 PM.png

Camera is at eye level

Interviewer is sitting down

Rule of thirds. Screen divided into 3 parts. Interviewee sitting at 2/3

Background not distracting/slightly out of focus

No strong light

Background is relevant to story

In the Field Interview

Interview is in the field.

Interview a P.E. teacher in the gym

Interview an art teacher in the art room

Interview is a catching of the moment, not a sit down.

REMEMBER THE TYPES OF SHOTS- Makes your movie more interesting

shots 2



  • Watch rest of Moe’s Bows
  • Review A Roll, B Roll, In Field Interview, Sit-Down Interview
  • Review SHOTS
  • Today you will film a 10 second or less SIT DOWN INTERVIEW


  1. Film a 10 second sit down interview.
  2. Camera at eye level
  3. Rule of 3rds
  4. Background not distracting
  5. Background meaningful to story

For this project, no audio needed, just a 10 second shot to show you know how a sit down interview looks on film. 

Have one person be the interviewer and one be the interviewee


10 second shot of someone in the field

(i.e PE Teacher in Gym)

(i.e. Principal in office)

(i.e. Secratary in office)

(i.e Janitor in lunch room)



  • Film a 10 second  IN THE FIELD INTERVIEW
  • Just FILM no need for actual dialogue

Export and upload to CMA folder


In the Field Locations:

  • One of the Secretaries/Principals in the Office
  • Janitor in the Cafeteria
  • Librarian in the IMC
  • Mr. Shilkus in STEM
  • PE  Teacher in Gym
  • One of the 8th Grade Teachers in their room.



You will receive another group’s video of Stanza 1

Respond to it. Film anything creative that comes to mind .

Be as wacky as you want.

Upload footage

Edit Footage so that it is 20 seconds or 40 seconds long total

Mute sound

Add a soundtrack.

Export and put in CMA folder in Google Drive

Make sure CMA folder shared with partners and mkulbak@nssd112.org


 Be creative!!!

TONE- use color, music, sounds, shots to create feeling.

PACE-edit to affect the mood or tone or to reflect on the action of the stanza (fast/slow, even/uneven)

MOOD-angry, silly, nonsense, serious, sad, joyful, anxious

DEGREE– stanza changes can be subtle, extreme, opposing, parallel

FOCUS- Manipulate your audience using images and sounds; think outside the box

OTHER –what do you see, what do you think you see, what is real vs. imagined, what you did or thought you did, what they did, change of seasons, personal experiences (first love, divorce, loss of a loved one, moving away, making new friends, helping others, etc.) social issues (Crime, environment, health, bulling , inequality, society/culture, can use HUMOR (at something, at yourself)

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 12.11.11 PM.png

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