Q3 Syllabus Facets Film Making

Highland Park Outline
Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays (starting January 25, 2016)
1:16p – 1:56p
2:00p – 2:40p
The Facets Doc Lab is a 9-week, in-classroom intensive covering the fundamentals of documentary
filmmaking and connecting documentary film practice to civic engagement. The intent is to develop
students’ understanding of documentary film structure through critical learning and production
exercises, and to apply that understanding to creating short films which explore issues of democracy.
In the first phase, classroom sessions focus on teaching students the fundamentals of documentary film
form and technique. Weekly assignments challenge the students to apply these techniques to written
and short video exercises as well as expanding their knowledge of filmmaking and documentary through
a variety of texts.
In the second phase, students will advance to select the subject of their final film project from one of
five social justice or school issues topics. The classroom sessions will shift to a workshop format, peer
review, and advancement through professional review of student-created work.
The collaborative aspects of filmmaking are emphasized throughout.
Each of the 9 weeks is organized as an independent module; with out-of-classroom assignments
following weekly sessions. The eight take-home assignments will culminate in one master documentary
film project for each group by the conclusion of the program.

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