HOW DO I?????

TECH HELP- “How Do I?”

IF THE ANSWER IS NOT BELOW, GOOGLE IT OR YOUTUBE IT. Try to problem solve. Than ask your teacher.

iMOVIE in 3 Steps
(How to export and upload into your website)

Download PDF Here

HOW TO upload iMOVIE to your Google Drive so you can work on it at HOME!

Download PDF Here
How to get videos and photos from SD Card

1. Put SD Card into SMALL slot on side of computer
2. Open iPhoto
3. Wait
4. Click on your SD card/No Name that will show up on left side
5. Hold down SHIFT key and click all the pics/videos you want.
6. Import selected
7. Once they have all imported, select them all and drag to desktop.

How to get Videos and Photos from iPhoto into iMovie
Once you have followed the steps above your photos/videos should be on the desktop

Go to imovie
Create a New Project (File- New Project)
Create a New Event (File New Event)
All the photos need to be dragged and dropped into the PROJECT
The videos must be dropped into the EVENT
This will only work if you drop the videos DIRECTLY ON TOP OF THE EVENT TITLE!!

Now you can make edits. When you are finished follow the directions on How to Export iMovie

How to save your
as a JPEG

How to EXPORT your Garage Band Project

Garage Band

How to use your smart phone to video/put in imovie


Download as PDF

How to record screen and make into video


…on a mac
…on a pc
…on a Droid
…on an iphone


Video Camera Help including Exporting and Importing

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