Make a Presentation! (For another class)

Need to make a presentation for another class?

CMA is the perfect place to do it! We have all the tools you need. From the main website to the links here (Thanks Mr. Hull!)

·      Animoto – The end of slideshows =

Animoto automatically produces beautifully orchestrated, completely unique video pieces from your photos, video clips and music. Fast, free and shockingly easy

My take: You are only able to create 30 second videos for free without signing up for an educators account. This is helpful for students who are trying to create a quick overview or summary of a project. Some personal music files are not compatible but the site does provide its own music library.

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·      Domo Animate =

“Make your own Domo Animations and Slideshows with GoAnimate’s super easy to use tools.”

My take: I do not use animation material much but this is a fun student friendly site which only requires email based registration – easy to use

Tags: Animation Presentation Tools


·      embedplus =

“Want to enhance the viewer experiences and discussions around the YouTube videos you embed for free? You can now upgrade your embeds on your site and even WordPress without having to alter original content.”

My take: This site looks promising. I had great success in my trial test video. I highly recommend giving this a try – you are able to manipulate and edit YouTube videos.

Tags: Presentation Tools Movie Makers

_____________________________________________________________________·      empressr =

“The rich media presentation tool…tell your story anyway you like. Add photos, music, video, and audio and share it publicly or privately in an instant.”

My take: This site helps students create easy presentations. Still working on this site but I like the possibilities.

Tags: Presentation Tools

·      Glogster =

“Create an online web poster.”

My take: Great easy way for students to create an online poster – simple to add graphics and text.

Tags: Presentation Tools


·      Magnato =

“Poster creator”

My take: This beta site is similar to Blogster – I prefer Blogster – but this site is simple and easy to use.

Tags : Presentation Tools

·      Magisto =

“Magisto will magically turn your videos into short, fun clips”

My take: Registration is required but this site quickly responded to my request – the site is easy to use and the videos were well finished and fun to watch. This site could be helpful for students working to create video highlights of a topic or place for a fun minute visual presentation. Site is similar to Animoto.

Tags : Presentation Tools Movie Makers


· =

“ is a big flexible Playspace to collect anything from the web, grow ideas and show them in an easy way.”

My take: This site is still in beta – but the site allows students to gather material and create a mural type website. Collecting these materials in such a manner enables students to create a mural of material that I believe could be a great way for students to produce connections and possibly more. I am excited to try this site on the iPad as it claims it works well on any device – I will report back to find how well it works on the iPad.

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·      Museum Box =

Welcome to Museum Box, This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. What items, for example, would you put in a box to describe your life; the life of a Victorian Servant or Roman soldier; or to show that slavery was wrong and unnecessary? You can display anything from a text file to a movie. You can also view and comment on the museum boxes submitted by others.

My take: This is an interesting site that allows a unique perspective and challenge for students. This site allows the opportunity to engage students in more abstract thinking – trying to find objects that represent their point of view or ideas. I think this site has great potential and I look forward to including it as an option during assessments for several units this year. I highly recommend this site –

Tags: History Sites Presentation Tools 

·      My Brainshark =

Create, Share, Track. Online video presentations for sales, marketing, eLearning and more.”

My take: Site is more for high school and college students – it is too advanced for most of my middle school students when creating presentations.

Tags: Presentation Tools

·      One True Media =

“It is a snap to mix your photos and videos with our effects to create something wow-worthy”

My take: One of my students favorite sites – relatively easy to use. Walks you through the basics. Good to allow students options when offer a technology project.

Tags: Movie Makers Presentation Tools

_____________________________________________________________________·      PreZentit =

“Create, share and show your presentations online”

My take: Easy to use site that allows you to create beautiful presentations – enables you to share these online – I like the clean look and easy to use feel of PreZentit – I recommend this site

Tags:Presentation Tools

·      Prezi =

“Amazing zooming presentation tool and editor”     

My take: One of my favorite sites – able to create a clean presentation that is different than PowerPoint or a Promethean Board flipchart – an example of mine –

Tags: Educational Sites Presentation Tools

·      Simply Diagram =

“SimpleDiagrams is a small desktop application that helps you express your ideas quickly and simply. There’s just enough functionality to describe a thought or capture a process. SimpleDiagrams keeps the visual expression clear through the simple design of library items and backgrounds.”

My take: This site enables teachers to illustrate diagrams and create flow chart ideas quickly and simply – you can help students capture the conceptual progression of an idea – the easy to follow template allows for students to also use this site. Drawback of the site is that you must download the free software for your computer. This creates problems when trying to allow a class of students to use this program.

Tags: Presentation Tools Random


·      Reel =

“Reel helps you quickly create and share presentations. Each preso is stored online behind a unique URL, making it easy to poll your audience for for their impressions.”

My take: You can upload PowerPoint and .pdfs to create a presentation that will be hosted at a unique URL. This is an easy to use site that provides students another option to use for their presentations. I recommend checking out this site.

Tags:Presentation Tools


·      RockYou =

“Photo and slideshow sharing.”

My take: Site allows you to create online slideshows/presentations – easy to upload photos and effects – more for social networks versus educational projects

Tags: Presentation Tools

·      Slide Six =

“”Add voice to your presentations”

My take: This site allows you to add a voice over to your presentations – you do not need to sync with an outside file – and this site works with nearly all presentation formats. In addition, YouTube and other formats are supported by Slid Six –
Tags: Presentation Tools


·      Spaaze =

“This is Spaaze, a new visual way to organize pieces of information in a virtual infinite space. Your things, your way..”

My take: This site provides an easy way to create a wall poster type website where you determine what content is seen and how it is arranged. Very helpful for student projects and specific lesson ideas.

Tags: Presentation Tools

·      Stupeflix =

“Stupeflix is a REST web service that turns your pictures, videos, and text into professional videos.”

My take: Stupeflix is a lot like Animoto – positives compared to Animoto – easier to add text, can use more than one audio clip, easier to manipulate order of photos – negatives: fewer resources available within the website. Still experimenting but I do like this site a lot.

Tags: Movie Makers Presentation Tools


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