Gif Maker

What is a Gif? Not a movie, not a photo, a moving photo!


GIF vs JIF - ImgurScreen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.06.28 AMYou son of a bitch! - Imgur

3a2ff577-72da-4a14-813c-2be85858516e 44f3820e-2fba-4d07-894f-b10c5efc0f6c aaf67b88-e54c-4360-a09e-b22bc6f71140 fde5a497-c21e-4eb6-95c9-9347893a6494 dcf8151b-026c-411f-ad88-446d4a7b0d56

Google more sites if you can find them!

477c230c-d0e8-4189-8255-380da745a8d0 5cacc7a8-00af-401e-a8de-7f26b2651718e96e4838-1bd7-4b01-a0c0-6ff3b0a9245532a92e44-b7c7-4829-91b2-a173d4dd52e4    a10c34cc-fe5f-48dc-811c-dcf663c6e267bfda1333-d37b-4a2f-ad3c-f1c4bb7b5b5a74e1c5c9-b997-4b4a-8f29-dcc249c886080c5c7bdf-c371-492a-b0b9-7bee794198ce9888e65f-dce2-459f-8ca6-a3e92f0732f8Wrapping a crayon - ImgurTesting highlighters - ImgurPerfect pasta forever - ImgurPaper airplane making machine - ImgurNow here's your icing on the cake - ImgurMakes metal loops into chains - ImgurThe best battery organizer money can buy - ImgurTying a pretzel - ImgurOne wealthy cat - ImgurCookie shaping machine - ImgurSolves a Rubik’s cube faster than that weird kid “Gabe” from homeroom - ImgurThis magic device that cleans up food junk - Imgur


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